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2014-15 Scrimmage Referee Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the home team to schedule the referees and EMT for scrimmages.  The home team provides the ice and, as a courtesy, the visiting team pays for the referees and EMT.  If holding a scrimmage on home ice, the visiting team coach and/or business manager should be informed of the cash payment due to the EMT and each referee at the end of the scrimmage game.  The home team coach and/or business manager can collect the money and pay the officials.  Two referees are required for checking level games, and recommended for mite and squirt level games. The following pay scale is standard for a scrimmage.  An EMT is required for PAHL scrimmages and any other scrimmage in which a SAHA team is participating in at the Iceoplex or other designated home ice facility. 

EMT payments:
                   PeeWee AA, Bantam AA & all Midget    ---      $35.00
                        All levels BELOW PeeWee AA          ---      $30.00
Referee payments:
Squirt ----------------------------    $25 per ref
                     PeeWee A/B---------------------    $30 per ref                     
PeeWee AA---------------------    $35 per ref
Bantam A/B --------------------     $40 per ref
Bantam AA---------------------     $45 per ref
Midget --------------------------     $60 per ref
If you are hiring a hockey player (youth referee) they should be at least one age division older than the game they will be officiating (i.e., only bantams or midgets should officiate a peewee level game).  Although PAHL rules prohibit family members to officiate a game, they may be used for scrimmages at the discretion of the coaches and business managers.
USA Hockey policy at games and scrimmages requires that all referees MUST be registered USA Hockey officials.  Failure to use registered USA Hockey officials could jeopardize the required liability insurance coverage resulting in repercussions toward the teams involved and the Associations to which they belong. 
The following referees listed are adult officials and SAHA players (youth) who possess a current USA Hockey official registration. This is by no means a complete list of referees that are available and you are free to hire any of your choosing as long as they are current USA Hockey registered officials.  A registered official wears a USA Hockey Officials crest on their jersey indicating the year for which they are registered.  Referee registrations expire on November 30th of each year.  This list will be updated periodically to include continued and new registrations.       
EMT:  Dave Clayton                   Phone:  724-345-3640
Jim Weaver  -------------------------- 724-941-6393
Scott Weaver ------------------------- 724-941-6393
Bruce Kaplan ---------------------------         412-779-4490
Jason Binnie  ---------------------------         724-809-0892
Sean McCaffrey------------------------ 412-586-7069
Rich Bilski ------------------------------         412-849-0215
Jim Leety ------------------------------          412-605-4581
Ed Schultz -----------------------------          412-266-8331
Chrissy Schultz ------------------------ 412-554-0212
Mike Burt ------------------------------         724-344-9966
Jim Carlins ---------------------------- 412-771-8279
Robert Chetlin-------------------------- 412-498-9417
Ryan Cole ------------------------------ 724-255-7881
Greg Popovich -------------------------  412-849-0204
Andrew Snyder -----------------------  412-354-7331
Nick Shewczyk ------------------------                   
Evan Lestini ----------------------------         412-719-3191
SAHA PLAYERS CURRENTLY REGISTERED AS A USA HOCKEY OFFICIAL AND THE LEVELS FOR WHICH THEY MAY REFEREE:                                                                      Highest level
Scott Weaver ----------------------     724-941-6393           Midget
Joshua Miller-----------------------     412-848-7525        Peewee
Jeremy Anthos---------------------      412-420-9853                     Peewee     
Ryan Luppe -------------------------     412-983-0401          Peewee
Chris Price -------------------------      724-678-5725        Peewee
Brendan Hamilton ------------------      412-996-6366      Peewee
Any questions, please contact me.
Paul Schwarzmiller

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